quick action for problems with online shopping

E-commerce made shopping, the most easy just by sitting at your place, you can choose out of numerous options and the product is delivered to your doorstep.

Demonetisation too resulted in increased traffic in e-commerce sites, which may sometimes create problems for the buyers with wrong deliveries and damaged products in parcel. considering these things, ‘Online Consumer Mediation Centre (OCMC)’ is established at National Law School of India University, Bengaluru with the support of Government of India.

Steps to utilise OCMC service: 

Utilising OCMC service is the quick action for problems with online shopping.

  1. log on to the URL, onlinemediationcenter.ac.in.
  2. Register with OCMC(For the first time), by providing basic details(Name, age, gender, address, city, state, country, mobile no., email Id, ID proof).
  3. sign up and select the e-commerce company against whom you want to file your complaint from the list provided by OCMC, providing the invoice no./order no./bill no..
  4. Payment of Rs. 100 need to be done and is applicable only for one case.
  5. Once the payment is done, you can file a case by providing all the transaction details and can upload documents(supported formats are .pdf , .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif ) supporting your complaint.
  6. Then the mediation process goes on.

Mediation process:

  1. Initially, the OCMC provides an opportunity for (negotiation process) direct communication with e-commerce company to resolve your issue and seeks for a mutual agreeable solution.
  2. If the case is not settled in this stage, the case is transferred to mediation process, here OCMC appoints a third party neutral mediator to settle the matter.
  3. The overall process will be completed in 30 days for the date when negotiation process started. In some cases, the parties may seek for time extension of 15 days to complete the process.
  4. Finally, if both parties agree to point. It is finalized by a formal settlement agreement.

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