Tamil Nadu State Political turmoil

Its two months lasted after Jayalalitha’s death. Current situation of Tamil Nadu politics is a big question mark for the people in Tamil Nadu.

TN political turmoil
TN Politics

Chronological actions happened in TN which lead to Confusion:

After the death of Amma(Jayalalitha) on 5th December, 2017, Tamil Nadu CM, the immediate step taken by the government is to make O Paneerselvam as the interim CM, who  was previously appointed as CM when Jayalalitha couldn’t handle the state affairs.

Exactly after two months, i.e., on 5th February, 2017, O Panneerselvam resigns to the chief minister post and sets the way for VK Sasikala to take the position of next CM of Tamil Nadu. OPS mentions, due to some personal reasons, I am tendering my resignation towards Chief Minister Post.

And Then on 7th February, 2017, everything was set to appoint Sasikala as CM. The TN state Governor, Vidya sagar rao, who was in mumbai and is not available at the time, and hence Sasikala to be appointed as CM has been delayed.

On the same day, 7th February, 2017 night, O Pannerselvam was at Amma’s Samadhi in marina beach. He stayed silent for about half an hour. And finally broke his silence and said,

  • Amma wants Madhusuhan to become the general secretary of AIMDMK party.
  • She wants me to become the CM before when she was hospitalised.
  • I was forced to resign for Cheif Minister Position.
  • If the legistative member want me to take back my position, I am ready to take it.

Deepa’s words:

Mean while, Deepa Jayakumar, niece of Jayalalitha says that

  • Being with Amma for 33 years doesn’t make her qualified for becoming CM.
  • People dint Vote her to become CM.
  • I want to stand in elections and I am sure, I will be elected democratically.

After OPS statements with media on 7th February, 2017 night:

Sasikala expels OPS from the post of treasurer.

OPS said, wait and see what will happen tomorrow(Wednesday).

OPS also mentioned, I will ask Deepa (Jayalalitha’s niece) to join me.

All these are going on in TN politics, which lead to confusion in public, about who is our next CM, and how would be the governance going to be.

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