Panneerselvam dares to question sasikala to free MLA’s

On Sunday, VK Sasikala, AIADMK party general secretary announced that “MLA’s of the party are in Golden bay resort, Mahabalipuram are free and are not forced to stay there”.

For this statement, O Paneerselvam dares to question her “to let the MLAs return to their constituencies” through the media while reporters at his residence.

OPS also added, “Even today, few of the MLAs contacted me and said that there are four goondas guarding each MLA. They are surrounded and tortured by goondas and cannot get out from there”.

“Instead of shedding crocodile tears and saying that they are free. She should let them go back to their homes, if they are free” said OPS.

OPS also asked why sasikala had been visiting koovathur resort again and again in last two days.

OPS claimed, did sasikala allow well wishers close to Amma: 

Referring to Sasikala OPS asked, “When Amma(Jayalalitha) was hospitalised for 75 days, why she did not allowed anyone to see Amma atleast once. She was the only one person who had access to Amma.

“Sasikala did not allow Amma’s blood relatives, deepak(nephew) and deepa(niece) to see her on the day that she died. For which deepa cursed them asking why were they not allowing her to see her aunt even after her death,” said Panneerselvam. 


When reporters questioned on why he didn’t involved in the deepa’s case with sasikala at that time, OPS replied that he was not in position to do so.

For this OPS also claimed that, when he was party leader, he was asked to sit in the audience while she sat on her own in a chair. For which he was asked by several MLAs about him putting under such insults, “I told them not to speak about it as it would affect party’s image”, which I never wanted to happen, said OPS.

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