ISRO sets record of launching 104 satellite in one go

ISRO is successful in placing 104 satellites into polar sun synchronous orbit. The world record of 37 satellites in one launch by Russia in 2014 was modified by Isro with its large number, 104 satellites in single launch through PSLV- C37.

Isro PSLV-C37                                                                                  Isro SLV-C37 launches 104 satellites

PSLV -C37 was launched from Sriharikota at 9:28 AM on 15th February, 2017. The list of 104 satellites include 3 Indian satellites and 101 foreign satellites.

The three Indian satellites are Cartosat- 2 series satellite weigh 714 kg and two Isro Nano Satellites, INS1A and INS1B weigh 9 kg each. And in the remaining 101 satellites, 96 are of US, and remaining five from different countries.

Purpose of Cartosat 2D satellite:

Cartosat- 2D primarily serves cartographic applications. It is fifth earth observation satellite after its preceding series 2, 2A, 2B, 2C with objective of urban and rural planning, monitoring the coastal land usage, Utility management like monitoring road network, water distribution and mapping land use, change detection for differentiating natural and man made features. It also serves various land and geographical information systems applications.

INS1A and INS1B are remote sensing applications serving specific applications.

101 Foreign satellites in PSLV-C37:

Among 96 satellites of US, 88 are dove satellites from Us company, Planet labs each weighing 5 kg approximately. And 8 are Lemur-2 satellites from US Company, Spire Global. These 96 satellites serve for remote sensing applications.

Four satellites are technology demonstrators from 4 countries as followed respectively. Nayif 1(1.1 kg) of UAE, AL-Farabi-1(1.7 kg) of Kazakhstan, Peasss( weigh 3 kg) of Netherlands, Dido-2(4.2 kg) of Switzerland.

One satellite from Israel is BGU sat(4.3 kg)  for science applications.

The separation process of all the satellites is been captured by 5 cameras of the on-board video emerging system. The process will be completed in 715 seconds.

The separation process started with Cartosat-2D satellite at 9:45 AM and placing of all the satellites completed by 10:00 AM.

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