Jio prime offer: Facts behind it

Reliance Jio with free offers has arrived with its deadline March 31st 2017. As published by the Reliance, to continue with Jio offers one needs Jio Prime membership which costs Rs. 99. With this membership you are eligible to get Jio data at very cheaper prices like, 28 GB data for 28 days at. Rs. 303.

But there are many different questions in the minds of Jio users.

Various questions in Jio users minds:

  1. What if Jio SIM not converted to Jio Prime before March 31st, 2017 ?
  2. What if Jio Prime membership is taken but no recharge plan activated ?
  3. What if you are a Jio prime member by default and not activated any plan ?
  4. Is it enough to take Prime membership to continue with Jio services or does it require any additional plan to continue with Jio services ?
Subscrie with Jio Prime
Jio Prime subscrption

Here are the points drawn from the terms and conditions that will clear all the above questions.

Facts about Jio Prime: 

  • If Jio is not converted to Jio prime the, the user is provided with Jio services with some available Jio offers for Jio non Prime members. But the data rates will be obviously higher compared to the Jio Prime. (Jio Prime subscription ends by March 31st, 2017).
  • Just subscribing with the Jio Prime membership or being a Jio Prime member by default is not enough to continue with the services, but in addition it requires any of the data plan to continue with the Jio services. If you don’t recharge with any plan, then you may receive voice calls and SMS for some time but the SIM will be disconnected after certain period of time.
  • As mentioned in the Reliance Jio terms and conditions, if you don’t recharge with any plan after expiration of validity, you could receive voice calls and SMS for 90 days. And still if you don’t recharge, Your number will be disconnected.
  • Whatever the plan you may use in further, initially you need to recharge with Rs. 303 plan. This means, to become a prime member and continue with the Jio services, you need absolutely Rs. 402(Rs. 99 for Jio Prime subscription + Rs. 303 28 GB data plan for 28 days ).

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